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Lava Rock Essential Oil Shower Diffuser

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Elevate your shower experience with the power of essential oil
Easy to use and simple design
Instructions: Hang this Lava Rock Shower Diffuser from your shower head. Adjust the string as necessary. Add a few drops to the bead to create a simple aromatic shower.

Lava Rock Shower Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

"I bought two of these lava rocks for our shower in our house. We use them mostly with eucalyptus and it is so refreshing in the shower, it feels like I’m in the spa. We also use an allergy blend and it really helps my sons allergies! I definitely recommend them!"

Holly S.  Verified Buyer

Elevates your shower into a spa-like experience

Natural diffusion unleashes the power of essential oil

Earth-tastic guarantee - love it or your money back!




Meet the Lava Rock Shower Diffuser

Meet Katie and Shilah!

...our Certified Aromatherapists who love helping people make their homes more natural!

 Transform your space into a spa oasis with our Lava Rock Shower Essential Oil Diffuser. Weather you are looking to get energized or relax, this diffuser is perfect for filling your bathroom with the right aroma using the power of essential oils and the natural steam from your shower. 

Customize your aroma based on your mood. Feeling drowsy? Try a few drops Simply Earth's Energy Essential Oil Blend. Wanting to relax? Add a few drops of Lavender 40/42 and allow the aroma to fill your bathroom with peace and calm. 

Just add a few drops of any essential oil directly on the lava rock. Tie the string around your shower head and allow the essential oils to naturally diffuse into the air.

Add more essential oil or change the essential oil you are using with the diffuser any time!

Some essential oils contain natural pigments and might discolor the lava rock.

You can clean your diffuser by making a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Soak the lava rock in the solution for a few minutes and use soft cloth to wipe away any remaining pigment.

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