About Simply Earth

We created Simply Earth to make having a natural home fun and easy with the use of essential oils. Plus, we're committed to giving you the best oils at honest prices. We do not just sell essential oils; we teach people how to use them safely.

Katie's Stinky Feet Started It

Every idea starts with a problem; ours was Katie’s stinky feet. So, we searched for solutions that didn't involve chemical-laden products and found a blend of essential oils that naturally eliminated odor (Yay!) 

An Idea Was Born

We got tired of overpaying for oils and frustrated by using natural products that didn’t always work. Knowing that there were others who were also upset with the same situation, we decided to do something about it--provide pure and affordable essential oils.

Make Your Home Natural

We loved making our own natural products and knowing the ingredients in them, so we created the Essential Oil Recipe Box! With it, you get everything you need to create a natural home at an honest price while learning and having fun.

Master Essential Oils Today

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