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With an estimated 4 million victims globally, human sex trafficking is among our world's most devastating atrocities. No one deserves to be exploited, which is why Simply Earth donates 13% of its profits to organizations that are on the front lines of fighting this injustice.
We encourage you to get involved! Meet our partners and learn how you can be a world changer.

Together We Can Fight to #ENDIT

13% of all profits at Simply Earth go to organizations that are fighting to end human trafficking.

Our Partners


NightLight is a non-profit organization that helps victims of commercial sexual exploitation. They rescue, give hope and provide intervention. They offer alternative vocational opportunities, life-skills training, as well as spiritual, physical and emotional development.

Dton Naam Ministries

Dton Naam Ministiries is an organization that exists to help boys and transgender sex workers in Bangkok, Thailand. They accomplish this by offering counseling services, education, vocational training, jobs, discipleship, safety, and more to the endangered.

Call to Freedom

Call to Freedom works to support the victims and survivors of sexual exploitation on their path to recovery. They've created an extensive network of frontline workers who help provide shelter, mental health counseling, safety, and so much more.

Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition works with their community to bring awareness to the injustices of the human trafficking network. They also assist victims of sexual exploitation by providing safe housing, education, and other services..

Exodus Cry

"Every person should be free" is Exodus Cry's mantra. They've set up three main ways to break the cycle of sexual exploitation: shifting culture, changing laws, and reaching out.

Freedom Cry

Freedom Cry is a non-profit organization based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They focus on prevention of human trafficking and restoration for survivors. Two ways they do that are by providing awareness presentations to churches, schools, and community groups and providing restoration bags to survivors of human trafficking containing clothes and toiletries.

Sojourn House

Sojourn House is on the frontline of support for survivors of human sex trafficking. They provide transitional housing that helps defend, restore, and liberate women who have been sexually exploited..

Wipe Every Tear

Wipe Every Tear offers a way out of sexual exploitation for many women by fostering caring and safe relationships. They provide education and safe homes to further dispel the effects of trafficking.

Disrupting Traffick

Disrupting Traffick's mission is to disrupt the commercial sex industry through strategic outreach, community engagement and education, and to connect survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to trauma informed resources.

13% of profits from your purchase go to help end human trafficking

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