Aroma the Unicorn Children's eBook

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A downloadable whimsical children's story with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition to help teach your child how to use their sense of smell to calm big emotions.


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Did you know unicorns blow aromas out of their horns? When they smell a beautiful smell it comes out of their horn like a cloud. But not for Aroma the Unicorn; instead of making clouds, her horn makes a funny sound, rather like a sad trombone (wah, wah, wahhh). 

Is Aroma’s horn broken or will she calm her big emotions and make a cloud?

Your child will love the story of Aroma the Unicorn and funny horn. The beautiful illustrations, rhythm, rhyme and repeition will keep your child engaged. You child will also learn about their sense of smell and taking deep breaths. With themes of kindness, friendship, and perseverance, there's nothing not to love about this book!

About the Author, Simply Earth Co-founder, Katie Veldkamp

As a mom, Katie understands how important it is to teach kids how to support their emotional wellness. In this book, Katie uses her experience as an essential oil educator and elementary school teacher to help kids understand how they can support their emotions with their sense of smell.

Awards & Notes

The creation of Aroma the Unicorn was funded through Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform. To our joy, the book was fully funded in less than an hour & recieved Kickstarter's "Project's We Love" Badge. This book wouldn't be possible without our amazing backers. 

Check out these awesome reviews of Aroma the Unicorn!

Aroma the Unicorn is an intriguing and creative book that I read to my 4 year-old kindergarten class. The book is interesting to young children, but also stretches them to think about their sense of smell, along with the vast feelings that Aroma felt. The four-year olds in my class thought about how emotions and their sense of smell are connected together, and this was done beautifully through the book. Overall, my classroom was engaged throughout the book. I could have read the book over and over while deepening our conversations each time. As a bonus, the illustrations were beautiful! In the future, I would like to use this book again to deepen their understanding about their sense of smell and its connections to their feelings! Excellent book for young children! 

-Jen R, 4K Teacher 

Puff along with Aroma, the unicorn, as her friends encourage her to explore her sense of smell and help her overcome her feelings of inadequacy.

“Did you know that unicorns blow aromas from their horns? In a little puff of cloud their favorite smells become a shroud…”

So begins this tale about kindness, emotions and dealing with life’s inevitable troubles. Pleasing aromas, colorful clouds, and playful rhyme come together in this engaging unicorn story that will help calm those big frustrations that keep children from feeling their best.

Katie Veldkamp brings us her first book, Aroma, the Unicorn, sure to become a timeless classic for generations of children. Fun to read and beautifully illustrated by Darliana Fi, this book promotes mindfulness, well-being, and perseverance.

-Mary Kortman, Proud Grandma

Book Details

• Digital file

• Beautiful illustrations on every page

• Age Recommendation: 3-8

• Genre: Children's Fantasy, Self Care

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