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The Ultimate DIY Natural Cleaner For Spring

natural spring cleaner

The Ultimate DIY Natural Cleaner For Spring

When it comes to cleaning, I prefer to make my own cleaners. I never liked the strong, artificial, chemical smell of commercial cleaners - much less how they make me feel! I usually feel light-headed, woozy, and generally just awful after cleaning with chemical based products.

This recipe is what I use normally for all purpose cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. The vinegar and mild dish soap cut through grease and stains while the oils I use give it all a fresh scent. Simply Earth’s Clean and Fresh blend has bonus antimicrobial and antibacterial properties - and a great scent, too!

What You Need:

  • ¾ cup hot water
  • ¾ cup white cleaning vinegar
  • 3 drops mild dish soap
  • 10-15 drops Clean and Fresh blend
  • 16 ml spray bottle
spring cleaning diy infographic

How to Make the DIY Cleaner

  1. Pour hot water and vinegar into spray bottle.
  2. Add in dish soap
  3. Add in essential oils
  4. Close spray bottle tightly and shake to combine
  5. Use for routine cleaning

The measurements for water and vinegar aren’t always the same depending on the spray bottle you use, so you can add to them as long as the water and vinegar are equal parts. For more cleaning power, you can also use ½ cup water and ¼ cup rubbing alcohol.

clean and fresh essential oil blend

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