DIY Bathroom Poo Spray Deodorizer

Posted on June 11, 2018

DIY Bathroom Poo Spray Deodorizer


I’m the kind of person who’s obsessed with having a fragrant home. I don’t like it when it smells like feet. “Don’t like” is an understatement. I absolutely hate it. This goes with my bathroom too. Finding a good bathroom spray deodorizer is a must for me. If it can be made at home, I’ll make it myself! 

I personally believe your home is a physical representation of who you are as a person. Having a clean and tidy home is my priority because whenever I have guests, I want them to feel welcome. Yes, that includes letting them feel comfortable to do their business in my bathroom. I’m happy to share with you my favorite DIY Bathroom Poo Spray Deodorizer. Just a few sprays and you won’t know that something stinky happened in there! ;) 


In a spray bottle, add 10 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Bathroom Spray
Next, add 4 drops of Basil Essential Oil.

Bathroom Spray 2

Then, pour 2 oz. of water.

Bathroom Spray 3

And lastly, a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. 

Bathroom Spray 4
Give it a good shake to mix the liquids together.

Bathroom Spray 5

To use, spray 4 times in the toilet bowl water BEFORE doing your business. The scent will mask the unpleasant odor! 

Who knew that essential oils can help you keep your bathroom smelling fresh even after doing #2 on the toilet? It’s quick and easy, plus it won’t harm your toilet like other harmful chemicals. Try it out for yourself!