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A DIY Sensual Massage Oil for Your Valentine

By Naturally Ari

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A DIY Sensual Massage Oil For Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and romantic gift ideas are popping up everywhere. Do you know what the best gift to give someone is? Time and attention. Showering your loved ones with gifts is nice, and I’m sure they’ll be grateful, but time spent together is what they’ll really remember.

A great gift that incorporates your love and affection is a nice massage with a quality massage oil. Touch and scent play a huge role in attraction, so set the mood for a romantic evening with this massage oil featuring Simply Earth’s Love blend.

Using Love blend in this massage oil is great because this oil has calming properties that can ease tension and stress, but also stimulate passion and romance.


simply earth love blend
simply earth love blend and almond oil
  • A Bottle
simply earth almond oil


    • Add your carrier oil to a small bottle. Add 10 drops of Love blend to the bottle, cap and shake.

    This massage oil is super simple to make and is a gift that your partner will appreciate!


    By Naturally Ari

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