7 Tips To Fight Foot Odor

Posted on October 05, 2015

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Natural Shoe Deodorizing Spray

In college I kept my shoes out in the hallway. Why? Because they would make our entire apartment reek. Keeping them outside only helped part of the problem. My feet were walking stink bombs. I was the person who was told "Is that you? Go put socks on!" I grew to dread taking off my shoes knowing the cloud of stench that would be released.

Foot odor is a hit or miss with people. For me, it was a direct hit. This is why we developed our own Shoe Deodorizing Spray. By using our spray and following these tips, people will want to invite your feet to the party.

7 Tips to Fight Foot Odor 

Tip 1

Wash your feet daily with soap and water. Having clean feet, just like anything else on your body, will make you smell better. When my feet were really bad I would wash my feet before my girlfriend (now wife) came over to save her from storm.

Tip 2

Keep your toenails trimmed. It helps prevent stinky stuff from growing underneath them (gross). This is something I tend to forget about - people don't see my toes very often. But I can tell a difference in smell after I've trimmed my toenails.

Tip 3

Always wear fresh socks. Clean socks help help keep your feet dry and clean, which is key to having fresh shoes. This also helps cover up smell, especially helpful when hanging out with groups of people.

Tip 4

Don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday. Rotating your shoes out everyday gives them a chance to air out.

Tip 5

Use our all natural foot and shoe deodorizer. The people have spoken, this spray is life changing, which means I have the liberty to use this as a tip. We use proven science to completely eradicate any smells using only natural ingredients. I don't worry about taking my shoes off anymore because this spray has transformed the way me shoes and feet smell. Get it here!

Tip 6

Keep your feet as dry as possible. Moisture allows bacteria to grow, and depending on how much you sweat, keeping your feet dry can be an upward battle. That is why our shoe odor eliminator has beneficial bacteria to reduce your shoe odor even after your feet have been sweating.

Tip 7

before washing your socks... turn them inside out to allow the dead flakes of skin to wash away more easily. Flipping your socks inside out while you wash them allow your socks a better clean, making your feet and shoes smell better.


We at Simply Earth are so confident that our all natural shoe odor eliminator really works that we offer a stink free guarantee. 100% satisfied or your money back. Click here to check out our product.

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