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Wick Centering Tool

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Easily center your DIY candles with this wick centering tool
Easy to use
5 x 0.3 inches

The Easiest Path to a Toxin-Free Home!

It holds wick upright so that you can create beautiful candles. 

It is easy to use and really simple so that anyone can use it!

It has multiple holes so that you can create multiple-wicked candles. 

Wick Centering Tool Details

It’s so hard to get a straight, upright wick when you’re making a candle. Simply Earth’s wick centering tool makes it easy!

Use a wick sticker to stick wick to the bottom of your vessel. Pour melted wax into vessel. Set wick centering tool on top of the vessel. Weave with through desired hole. Let wax dry. Remove wick centering tool. Trim wick. 

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