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Earth and Wood Diffuser Pack

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Convenient, easy diffusion
Elegant design
Compatible with both 5ml and 15ml bottles

Diffusion Made Easy!

"The wood cap and reeds make any essential oil bottle into a simple, easy and modern diffuser! ✨"

Abby, Verified Buyer

You're going to love our Earth and Wood Set from Simply Earth.

Customize based on the oil of your choice
Decor-friendly with it's simple, seamless design 

Set and forget! No more continuing to add drops like other passive diffusers

Enjoy a beautiful aroma for up to 4 weeks!

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Meet Katie and Shilah!

...our Certified Aromatherapists who love helping people make their homes more natural!

Make reed diffusion easy and elegant with the Earth and Wood Diffuser Pack. Simply remove the dropper cap from the essential oil of your choice, add the bamboo cap with reeds, and voila! A perfect addition to your desk or small bathroom. Setincludes 2 caps and 6 reeds.  Works with both 15mL and 5mL bottles. 
Essential oil not included.

1. Unscrew black cap and remove plastic dropper from
essential oil bottle; tighten wooden cap on bottle.
2. Place 3 diffuser reeds in bottle.
3. After a few hours, flip the diffuser reeds so the
saturated side is in the air and the "dry" side is in the
4. Once diffusion slows down (approx. 2 weeks), replace
the reeds with 3 new ones and repeat Step 3.
• After unscrewing the black cap, use it by pushing down
and pulling to the side in order to easily remove the
plastic dropper.
• To transform the essential oil bottle into a simple piece
of decor, remove the label!

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