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Pump Top

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Single black plastic pump cap
Perfect for DIY lotions
Comes with 5” dip tube to fit Simply Earth's 16oz amber plastic bottle. Dip tube can be cut to fit Simply Earth's 8oz bottle.

Pump Top Benefits

Do you love creating lotions and creams but need the perfect pump to dispense your DIY creations? Simply Earth’s lotion pump cap just made your life easier!

Can be cut to size so that you can use this pump cap on an 8oz or 16oz bottle.

Easy to use so that your DIY creations can be fun and practical!

Pump Top Details

This pump top is the perfect dispenser for DIY lotions or body wash!

This is used with Simply Earth’s 16oz amber plastic bottle, but it can also be cut to fit on Simply Earth's 8oz bottles. 

To open, push down and turn the cap counter-clockwise until it releases. Screw this cap on any Simply Earth 8oz or 16oz amber plastic bottle. Press down on pump to dispense.

Material: plastic

Length: 8"

Width: 2"

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