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Makeup Compact

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The perfect way to store your DIY makeup!
Easily store your DIY makeup pallet in one place!
Portable and versatile

Makeup Compact Benefits

Love making your own makeup products, but sick of losing them in your makeup bag? Simply Earth’s makeup compact is the perfect way to store your DIY makeup. Simply Earth’s cosmetic tins modularly and magnetically fit in this compact, keeping your DIY products organized and safely stored. With the attached mirror, creating your own natural look is a breeze!

All-in-One Convenience so that you can streamline your beauty routine with our Makeup Compact—a single solution for all your makeup needs, saving you time and effort.

Secure Closure so that you’ll have peace of mind with our compact's secure closure, preventing spills and damage during travel.

On-the-Go Beauty so that you can elevate your on-the-go beauty with a compact that fits into your purse, providing quick and convenient touch-ups wherever you are.

Organized and Clutter-Free so that you’ll experience the joy of an organized makeup routine with our compact design, eliminating clutter and streamlining your beauty regimen.

Makeup Compact Details

Many people struggle with the inconvenience of carrying multiple makeup products, leading to clutter, spillage, waste, and an overflowing makeup bag. This makeup compact magically transforms your makeup bag into an organized bag, providing a single portable solution that combines multiple makeup essentials in one sleek compact.

Store your Simply Earth cosmetic tins inside this compact. It stores up to 4 large cosmetic tins and 8 square cosmetic tins. You can also make a combination of the two!

Potential for eyeshadow breakage during transportation.


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