Kid's Roll-On Essential Oil Kit

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This roll-on kit makes using essential oils with kids easy and fun! Kit includes everything you need to create 6 kid-friendly roll-on recipes.

What's Inside?

(6) specialized roll-on bottles that will help kids know the purpose of each roll-on

(4) full-sized, kid-friendly essential oils

(6) roll-on recipes that your children will love to make with you

(1) 4 oz. fractionated coconut oil

(6) (super adorable) labels

The Joy of Creating these Recipes

Spend more time with your kids while creating kid-friendly essential oil recipes

Let the kids mix their own recipes, knowing the oils are safe for them

Learn how to use essential oils safely with kids

The Recipes You Get To Make!

Bumps & Boo-boo's 

Rest Easy

Happy Tummy


Breathe with Ease

Joyful Noise

The Purest Oils On Earth

GC/MS Batch tested by Essential Oil University to ensure quality, saftey, and effectiveness.

Simply Pure Promise: No synthetics. No fillers. No artificial fragrances. EVER

Sustainably and ethically sourced from the best farms arround the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Kid's Roll-On Kit?

  • (6) Roller bottles
  • (6) SUPER CUTE Roll-on labels
  • (1) Fractionated coconut oil
  • (2) Recipe cards that have 6 recipes and safety tips on them
  • (4) Full Size 15ml Child-safe essential oils: Bumps & boo-boos Blend, Tangerine, Cedarwood (Himalayan), Spearmint

What age is the Kid's Roll-On Kit designed for?

Can we order the kit without essential oils?

Where is the best place to apply these roll-ons?

Can we refill these bottles?

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