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Amber Plastic Jar (2oz)

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Store your DIY recipes in this simple, amber plastic jar
Used for lotions, creams, sugar scrubs, and more!
Amber PET plastic, 4oz

Amber Plastic Jars Benefits

Amber colored so that your DIY creations won't be damaged by sunlight

 PET plastic so that the essential oils in your products won't react with the plastic in the jar

Screw-on lid so that your product won't leak

Amber Plastic Jars Details

If you love creating recipes but you want to ensure that all of your creations stay safe and last as long as possible, Simply Earth’s amber PET plastic jars are the solution! The amber color will prevent damage from the sun and the PET plastic will ensure that your products don’t react with the plastic in the jar. These products have a black screw-on lid to make sure all your products are stored properly. 

Amber PET plastic

Width: 1.8" 

Height: 2"

Weight: 0.5oz

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