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Foaming Hand Soap Container

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Start making your own all-natural hand soap with this adorable foaming hand soap container!
High-quality, durable container with pump for a luxurious foam
10oz (300mL)

The Easiest Path to a Toxin-Free Home!

This foaming hand soap bottle is clear plastic with a white foaming pump and an optional sticker label.  

You'll love customizing your hand soap recipes with essential oils! Update your hand soap to fit with each season, or create a custom scent for each bathroom in your home. 

Foaming Hand Soap Details

This 10oz foaming hand soap container is perfect for all your hand soap recipes as it is reusable, refillable, and durable. 

Works perfectly with 8oz to 10oz of water + foaming hand soap tablet + essential oils. 

This foaming hand soap container comes with an optional sticker so you can label your recipes if you prefer.

10oz (300mL)

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