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Geogard ECT Preservative (1oz)

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Benefit: Natural Preservative, Adds 6+ Months of Shelf Life
Can Be Used in Most Recipes Containing Water
COSMOS & Soil Association Approved, Meets ECOCERT Standards, Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free

Geogard ECT Preservative will add MONTHS to the shelf life of your DIY products!

Broad-spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast, and molds

Very little aroma so the smell of essential oils can shine in your DIY recipes

Works in a wide range of pH (3-8) that works with most DIY personal care products

COSMOS & Soil Association approved

Meets ECOCERT standards (it can be used in organic and natural products)



Cruelty-free [Not Tested On Animals]

INGREDIENTS: Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Sorbic Acid

Geogard ECT Preservative is an eco-friendly preservative that is made up of safe ingredients

How to Use Geogard ECT:
1. Measure the pH of your recipe to ensure it is between 3-8. Geogard™ ECT will only work if the product has a pH within this range. You can measure the pH of your product by using pH test strips or a pH meter. 
2.  Weigh your recipe without the preservative. Your preservative should make up 0.6-1% of the product's total weight. Calculate this amount for your recipe (~6 drops Geogard™ ECT per 1 oz of finished product).
3. Add preservative and stir.

If you are using heat in your recipe (like for an emulsion), make sure to add this preservative to your product after it is cooled to 113°F (45° C) or below. 

It is best to handle the product while wearing gloves, in a well-ventilated space, and to quickly clean up messes.

 The shelf life of your product will depend on the conditions it is made in. When you use a sterile environment with this preservative you can expect your recipe to last up to 9 months. 

It is best to perform a small skin patch test with your finished product before using it on a larger area of skin to check for irritation.

No Parabens


Pure and Safe Ingredients

100% Earthtastic Guarantee

The Purest Essential Oils on Earth

13% of Profits Go To End Human Trafficking

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