Geogard ECT Preservative

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Make your water-based recipes last longer with this eco-certified preservative.

Commitment to Quality

Our main goal is to help each one of you have a holistic approach to life. We searched and researched for the best ingredients to use in our recipes that we love sharing with you. This includes finding the best source of natural body wash. Enjoy a life full of wellness the all-natural way with Simply Earth. 


Product Details

Some of our DIY recipes contain water. Anything with water in it will eventually go bad and will typically have a shorter shelf life than other recipes. In a super sanitary environment, recipes using distilled water can last up to 6 weeks.

However, that kind of environment can be difficult to attain and maintain. Most recipes using distilled water are best used within two weeks.

That’s why all of our DIY recipes containing water are made in small batches - to make it easier to use the recipe within its estimated shelf life. 

We know that short shelf lives aren't always ideal. Maybe you want to make a larger batch, sell your products, or don’t think you'll use it up within the expected shelf life.

Sometimes, you need a preservative. This is where Geogard™ ECT comes in. 

Here's what you need to know about this product:

Ingredients: Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Sorbic acid

How to use Geogard™ ECT
1. Measure the pH of your recipe to ensure it is between 3-8. Geogard™ ECT will only work if the product has a pH within this range. You can measure the pH of your product by using pH test strips or a pH meter. 
2.  Weigh your recipe without the preservative. Your preservative should make up 0.6-1% of the product's total weight. Calculate this amount for your recipe (~6 drops Geogard™ ECT per 1 oz of finished product).
3. Add preservative and stir.

If your recipe involves heating or melting ingredients, wait until your product is at a temperature of 113°F (45° C) or below before adding Geogard™ ECT. 

The shelf life of your product will depend on the conditions it is made in. When you use a sterile environment with this preservative you can expect your recipe to last up to 9 months. 

When handling Geogard™ ECT like all preservatives, be in a well-ventilated space, wear gloves, and quickly clean up messes.

Some people may be sensitive to Geogard ECT and have skin irritation. It’s best to perform a small skin patch test with your finished product before using it on a larger area to check for irritation.

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