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Flower Essential Oil Diffuser

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Effortless and all-natural aromatherapy
Beautiful, elegant design that doubles as a piece of décor
Easily portable and simple to use

Bring Beauty in Every Corner of Your Home

"This is the first diffuser I have used that does not use electricity or power of some sort. It is easy to use by just placing the oils on the petals. The aroma is nice and not too strong for those who are used to other types of diffusers like myself. It’s a nice addition to my home and honestly the quickest way to diffuse!"

Tracy R. - United States Verified Buyer

Simple and all-natural aromatherapy

No water or electricity needed

Portable and decorative




Say Hello to Your New Favorite Flower

Meet Katie and Shilah!

...our Certified Aromatherapists who love helping people make their homes more natural!

Cute and simple, this diffuser is perfect for small spaces in your home or office. Enjoy all-natural aromatherapy without the need for water or electricity.

Add 4-6 drops of essential oil directly on top of the flower. The essential oils will naturally diffuse into the air. 

Add more essential oil or change the essential oil you are using with the diffuser at anytime.

Some essential oils contain natural pigments and might discolor the flower petals. To prevent stains, we recommend avoiding oils that are dark in color. 

You can clean your diffuser by making a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Hold the diffuser by the base and swirl the flower diffuser in the mixture. Use a soft cloth dipped in the solution to wipe away any remaining pigment from the flower.

Looking to cleanse your diffuser from previous oil scents? You can add 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in the vinegar solution. Place the diffuser inverted into the bowl so that the petals are submerged. Soak for 1-2 hours. After soaking, gently rub petals with water and a cotton cloth. Rinse with water and allow the diffuser to dry completely before adding essential oil.


Keep this diffuser out of reach from pets and children to avoid topical contact with essential oils.

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