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Aromatherapy Rice Bag

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Make your own aromatherapy rice bag in minutes with this pillow case + liner! Simply fill the liner with rice. For aromatherapy benefits, add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and add it the bag.
8.45" x 4.7"

Have an In-Home Spa Experience With This Aromatherapy Rice Bag

Use as hot compress to naturally soothe muscle discomfort or as a cold compress to soothe overuse of muscles and joints

Add your own blend of essential oils for a customized aromatherapy experience

 Can also be used as a weighted eye pillow to help you sleep!

*Rice not included.

Simply Earth’s aromatherapy pillow makes it easy to soothe discomfort with hot or cold support and the calming aroma of essential oils. With this easy-to-use DIY Rice Bag, you can soothe discomfort naturally to feel more like yourself. 

Fill the insert 3/4 full with rice. Place it in the freezer for cooling relief or in the microwave for warming relief. For aromatherapy benefits, add essential oils to cotton balls and place them in the insert after heating or cooling the rice bag. Refresh or replace the cotton balls with essential oils as needed with each use.

100% Cotton 

Length: 8.45"

Width: 4.7"


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