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Misty Essential Oil Diffuser

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Create a warm, inviting atmosphere
Promote better sleep, reduce stress, and lift your mood
Enjoy hassle-free features for confident diffusing

Enjoy Aromatherapy at Home

"I have had my diffuser for nine months now. I have experimented with other brands around the same price range and this is the best by far."

Kelvin, Verified Buyer

Love the air you breathe with this ultrasonic diffuser.

Easily customize your experience with timer and illumination options that suit your mood. 

 Truly relax knowing you can trust your diffuser to shut-off automatically once water is depleted.  



Fill your space with the natural aromas & benefits of pure essential oils using this beautifully designed diffuser. With ultrasonic technology, the diffuser ensure the molecular integrity of essential oils, making it perfect for aromatherapy.

Give your space ambience with the 7 changing light colors, or choose your favorite color for constant illumination. Not interested in ambient lighting? Simply shut off this feature for a more subtle look.

Timer options include 2 hour continuous mist or 4 hour intermittent mist. You can also allow the diffuser to run continually until water is depleted, up to 8 hours.

Built with safety in mind, this diffuser has no heat source and will automatically shut off when water is low.


Simply fill the tank with water and add a few drops of essential oil.

Plug in and power on to start enjoying the aromatherapy benefits of essential oil. 


Dimensions: 6 in W x 4 in H
Tank Capacity: 200mL
Material: PP
Power Consumption: 12W
Accessories: Water cup
Diffusing Capacity: 300 sq. ft.


We recommend cleaning Misty after 6 times of use, or once weekly. To clean, put 1 tablespoon vinegar and fill with warm water. Allow a few minutes to soak before draining and wiping with a soft cloth.  

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