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Essential Oil Bottle Opener Tool

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Open roll-on and essential oil bottles easily with this handy tool
Aluminum, 28mm x 60mm

Essential Oil Bottle Opener Tool Benefits

Do you love making roll ons but have difficulty removing the rollerball? Simply Earth’s essential oil bottle tool makes it crazy easy to remove rollerballs. You can even use this tool to remove dropper caps from essential oil bottle to reuse.

Recap and reseal essential oil bottles

Easily remove roller balls from roll-on bottles

Reuse your essential oil bottles without any damage

Keep this tool with you wherever you go with its handy key ring

Essential Oil Bottle Opener Tool Details

To use, simply wedge the U-shaped space under the bottle cap and gently leverage the cap upwards. To reseal, position the correct size hole over the bottle cap and gently apply downward pressure.

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