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DIY Candle Kit

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Create DIY toxin-free candles in a few minutes with Simply Earth’s DIY Candle Kits!
Toxin-free & Scented with Essential Oils
Yield: two 8oz candles or one 16oz candle

A DIY Toxin-Free Candle in Minutes!

Simply microwave the 100% soy wax in the bag, add essential oils, and pour into a candle vessel of your choosing. 

Simple: so that you don’t have to be intimidated by candle making

Toxin-free ingredients: so that you can feel good about burning candles in your home

Scented with essential oils: so that you can customize your scent and eliminate that nasty toxin-filled “fragrance” ingredient in store-bought candles

DIY Candle Kit Details

Everyone loves burning candles, but store-bought candles are full of paraffin wax and headache-inducing "fragrance", and DIY candles are intimidating and messy. Simply Earth’s DIY Candle Kits help you make your own toxin-free candle in just minutes!
Each 11oz kit includes: 11oz of soy wax, 2 cotton wicks, 2 wick stickers, 1 wick centering tool  *Vessel not included
Each 1oz kit includes: 1oz of soy wax, 1 cotton wick 1 wick sticker *Vessel not included

Remove wick, wick sticker, and wick centering tool from bag. Microwave opened bag upright in a microwave-safe dish for 3 minutes and then 30-second intervals until wax is melted. Add 15-25 drops of your favorite essential oil per 1oz of melted wax and stir. For a 16oz candle, add 150 drops of essential oil. Stick wick to the bottom center of your vessel using the wick sticker. For a larger candle, stick two wicks about 1.5” apart to the bottom center of your vessel. Pour liquid wax into vessel. Thread wick through wick-centering tool. Allow wax to cool. Trim wick and enjoy your all-natural candle.

You may use any glass or ceramic container so that you can create a one-of-a-kind candle AND save the planet while you’re at it!


No Parabens

Pure and Safe Ingredients

100% Earthtastic Guarantee

13% of Profits Go To End Human Trafficking

No Phthalates

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