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Black Spray Nozzle (1oz)

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Even mist and elegant design
Fits on multiple sizes: 1oz & 2oz

Black Spray Nozzle Benefits

Even mist so that you can disperse your recipe properly

Elegant design so that your DIY recipes look great on your counter or nightstand

Fits on multiple sizes of bottles so that you have flexibility on your recipe size

Black Spray Nozzle Details

Most spray nozzles are boring, difficult to spray, and clog easily. Simply Earth’s elegant nozzle provides an even mist and looks great on your nightstand or bathroom counter!

Add this spray nozzle to Simply Earth’s 1oz or 2oz amber plastic bottles. This nozzle provides an even, satisfying mist that’s perfect for room sprays, linen sprays, and facial toners.

Width: 3 1/8"

Height: 9 1/16"

Weight: 2.38oz

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