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Bath Bomb Mold

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Sturdy molds add fun to your DIY creations!
Used for bath bombs
4.5cm & 6.5cm, aluminum

Create Fun Bath Bombs!

Easy to use


Durable, sturdy, food safe aluminum metal

Anti-rolling design

Bath Bomb Molds are used to shape bath bombs into the typical bath bomb shape.

These molds create beautiful bath bombs that are perfect for your DIY bath and body goodies. 

Gentyly press your bath bomb ingredients into both halves of the bath bomb mold, creating a hill on each havlf of the bath bomb. Press both halves together firmly, then remove the molds. Voila! You have a perfectly-shaped bath bomb!

These aluminum molds are the easiest molds to work with on the market.

 These molds are easy to clean with soap and water and can be reused over and over.

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