Aluminum Aromatherapy Inhaler

Fill this stylish inhaler with your favorite essential oils for on-the-go aromatherapy!
Used for inhalation aromatherapy
Aluminum, 3.5" x 0.75"

Steps to Holistic Wellness

Our main goal is to help each one of you have a holistic approach to life. We searched and researched for the best ingredients to use in our recipes that we love sharing with you. Enjoy a life full of wellness the all-natural way with Simply Earth. 


Product Details

This sleek and stylish inhaler is perfect to use anytime, anywhere. Fill it with your favorite oils and blends and enjoy on-the-go! Essential oils not included.


1. Uncap the inhaler and pull off the bottom casing. Twist open the clear canister holding the cotton wick.

2. Remove the cotton wick and place it in a bowl. Add 5-20 drops of essential oils to the wick, depending on your desired strength.

3. Use a tweezers to move the cotton wick around to absorb all of the essential oil.

4. Return the cotton wick to the clear casing, holding it with the tweezers. Reassemble the inhaler. Refresh the cotton wick as needed.

To use, uncap the inhaler. Place it by one side of your nose while plugging the other side. Breathe deeply. Repeat with the other side of the nose.

Use the inhaler as needed.

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