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Amber Glass Bottles (5mL)

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Have fun creating your own essential oil blends
Used for storing DIY blends
Amber glass, black cap, dropper insert, 5mL

Become an Essential Oil Blend Guru!

Create your own essential oil blends and store them in these bottles.

Extend the life of your essential oils with the amber glass tint. 

The high-quality dropper cap gives ultimate control in the flow of essential oils. 

5mL Amber Glass Bottle Details

Add up to 100 drops of your favorite essential oil or combination of essential oils to this bottle to keep your favorite blends on hand.

To remove the dropper insert, simply unscrew the black cap and then use that cap to grab the edge of the clear dropper and pull it off at an angle. 

Each 5mL amber glass bottle holds approximately 100 drops of essential oil.

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