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4" Loaf Soap Mold

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A silicone soap mold perfect for creating beautiful small batches of soap
Cavity: 3.5 W x 4 L x 2.75 H, holds 22 fl oz

Soap Mold Benefits

Create beautiful soaps, perfect to give as gifts or sell in your boutique

This silicone mold is durable and reusable

Loaf style molds allow for more freedom to get creative in soap design than typical single cavity soap molds.

4" Loaf Soap Mold Details

Loaf molds are are made up of one large signle cavity. They allow you to create designs that can be seen vertically throughout your DIY bar of soap. 

To use, simply melt your soap base and pour into this mold. Layer your soap or add embeds according to your design. Allow the soap to totally set, remove it from the mold, then cut your soap using a nonserrated knife into bars, in any size that you choose!

To remove it from the mold, first pull the sides of the mold away from the soap until the vaccuum seal is released. Then push up from the bottom of the soap to release the soap from the bottom of the mold. Once this is complete, push the soap out of the mold from the bottom of the mold. 

Creates 5-6 bars of soap when the soap is cut as traditional bars of soap.

Use this mold with melt and pour soap or cold process soap. 

Easy to clean with soap and water and can be reused over and over.

Cavity Capacity: 22 fl oz

Mold Dimensions (inches): 

5"W x 5.5"L x 3"H

Cavity Dimensions (inches): 3.5" W x 4" L x 2.75" H

Material: Silicone

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