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10 mL Roll-On Bottles

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Store your roll-on recipes in these high-quality amber glass roll-on bottles.
Used for roll-ons
Amber glass, black cap, 10mL

Create Your Own Roll-Ons for Aromatherapy on the Go!

Dilute your favorite essential oils and blends in a carrier oil for a customized roll-on!

 Extend the life of your essential oils with the amber glass tint. 

10 mL Roll-On Bottle Details

Unscrew the cap, remove the white insert with the metal ball, and add essential oils diluted in a carrier oil to the bottle. Replace the insert and roll the ball for several seconds to ensure that the oil starts lubricating the ball. 

Simply Earth recommends anywhere from 0.5% - 5% dilution rates based on age application.

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