Our Simply Pure Promise

Ethically Sourced

Every batch of 100% pure essential oil is sourced from small, ethical farms.
Ethically Sourced

GC/MS Tested

Every batch is GC/MS tested for purity and composition.
GC/MS Tested

No Additives

You can trust our unadulterated oils have no added fragrance or fillers. Ever.
No Additives

Every batch is ethically sourced from small farms

As a company fighting to end human trafficking, we are passionate about sourcing our oils from ethical farms. We source oils in small batches when we can, and always from small, ethical farms all over the world -- wherever that particular oil grows best!

Every batch is GC/MS tested

All of our 100% pure essential oils go through rigorous third party testing to make sure the oils are pure. That means we KNOW our oils are free of fillers, fragrances, and contaminants. Don't just take our word for it! We value transparency as a company, so every GC/MS report for every batch is made available to you on the product page.

We never add fragrance or fillers. Ever.

There are lots of FAKE essential oils out there. FAKE essential oils have additives like fragrance, carrier oils, or contaminants. At Simply Earth, we make sure the oils we sell are free of fragrances and fillers, AND we make sure that NO contaminants ever make it into your bottle.

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