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With an estimated 4 million victims globally, human sex trafficking is among our world's most devastating atrocities. No one deserves to be exploited, which is why Simply Earth is committed to donating 13% of profits to organizations that are on the front lines of fighting this injustice.
We encourage you to get involved! Meet our partners and learn how you can be a world changer.

Together We Can Fight to #ENDIT

Simply Earth shares 13% of our profits to organizations who helps end this atrocity.

Our Partners


Nightlight is a non-profit organization that helps victims of commercial sexual exploitation. They rescue, give hope and provide intervention. They offer alternative vocational opportunities, life-skills training, as well as spiritual, physical and emotional development.


A21 fights to fully eradicate slavery and stop the demand for it. They have 12 offices around the world that tirelessly rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of those who were victims of modern-day slavery. They aim to provide education and awareness to the next generation to stop it from happening.

Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue’s mission is to save children who are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation. They provide safe shelter, education, vocational training, and counseling. They also make sure the children have proper healthcare and spiritual guidance. Most of all, they give love.

My Refuge House

What started in a small church in South California, My Refuge House is now the home of more than 40 young women who were once victims of human trafficking. Each one is given therapeutic care and education to help rebuild their lives.

5 Stones

5-Stones is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking through education, awareness, and prevention. They reach out to local communities by teaching them the dangers of human trafficking as well as the facts about it. They raise awareness through helping the people be involved in this fight.

Freedom Cry

Freedom Cry is a non-profit organization based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They focus on prevention of human trafficking and restoration for survivors. Two ways they do that are by providing awareness presentations to churches, schools, and community groups and providing restoration bags to survivors of human trafficking containing clothes and toiletries.

Children of the Night

Prostitution is quite common even to this day. Children of the Night is a privately funded organization that rescues victims of prostitution all over the United States. In their facility, they have an on-site school and a college placement program. They give access to education by providing free GED assessment, tutoring assessment and even transportation during the examination day. This program is for those who do not have access to traditional education. They have a 24-hour hotline to help anyone who needs help.

Shared Hope International

Shared Hope International is dedicated to bringing sex trafficking into a halt through their three-pronged approach - prevent, restore and bring justice. They teach communities about warning signs of trafficking and employ intervention. Shared Hope has programs and partners that help with the intervention of the survivors.

Anti-Slavery International

Anti- Slavery International’s goal is to end slavery throughout the world, once and for all. They have projects from America to Africa but campaigns all over. They work with local organizations to make sure the freedom of the victims of slavery are secure. They are strong advocates of implementing proper laws against slavery.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a global organization that helps protect the less fortunate from violence. They have numerous lawyers, social workers and other professionals that work for their 17 field offices. They work with the local government and communities as they think it helps make the change last. IJM makes sure that slave-owners, traffickers, rapists, and criminals are held accountable in court. They help restore the lives of the victims by creating customized care plans for each.

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking

Promotion description appears here.FAAST is an alliance of Christian organizations that work together to fight slavery and human trafficking. Their mission is to help communities and mobilize them in fighting this cause as well as restore the lives of the survivors. They want to see a world free from human trafficking one day.

Disrupting Traffick

Disrupting Traffick's mission is to disrupt the commercial sex industry through strategic outreach, community engagement and education, and to connect survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to trauma informed resources.

ECPAT International

ECPAT’s mandate is to end the sexual exploitation of children through prostitution; trafficking; online and in the travel and tourism sector. We advocate for change with governments and the international community, work to better understand the problem through research and prioritize the needs of child victims and survivors.

13% of profits from your purchase go to help end human trafficking