Natural Air & Fabric Freshener

Simply Earth's Natural Air & Fabric Freshener is perfect for your home. It has no artificial perfumes or chemicals, just all-natural products blended together to make your home pure and smelling fresh.

Make Your Home Natural

We loved making our own natural products and knowing what was in them, so we created Simply Earth. We tell you exactly how everything is made and what is in it. No secrets. Just pure natural goodness. It puts you in charge of your natural home.


Product Details

  • All natural air freshener that is safe for the whole family.
  • No artificial perfumes or chemicals. That means a fresh home that doesn't give you headaches like chemical sprays do.
  • Our product freshens your whole home. Use it in the air, on fabric, or in the bathroom.
  • Home Fresh Guarantee. 100% satisfied or your money back.
  • Over 400 sprays per bottle - 2.5 ounces