Obsidian & Aventurine Diffuser Bracelet Set

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Drop your favorite essential oil onto the lava stone beads to carry the scent with you all day long. Set of 3 HANDMADE bracelets. Mix and match for any occasion!

Handmade Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

Each of these bracelets was carefully and lovingly handcrafted by a real person at Simply Earth Headquarters. We love making and using this diffuser jewelry, and we hope you'll love it, too! 


Product Details

This set of 3 bracelets was handmade with love at Simply Earth headquarters.

Bracelet 1: Green Aventurine Diffuser Bracelet

Bracelet 2: Black Obsidian Diffuser Bracelet

Bracelet 3: Howlite Accent Bracelet

Use: Drop your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend onto the lava stone beads to carry the scent with you all day long.

Materials: Black Lava Stone, Green Aventurine, Black Obsidian, Howlite, Sterling Silver

Note: All stones are unique and may vary in appearance from the ones shown in the picture. The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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