Essential Oil Recipe Starter Box

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Get the feel of our Essential Oil Recipe Box Subscription without breaking the bank!

Start Your Essential Oil Journey With this Box

The Starter Box is a more affordable tool to kickstart your journey in learning how to use essential oils to create your own natural products.


You will automatically be enrolled in a monthly subscription starting with your 21-day TRIAL period using the Starter Box (don’t worry, you can cancel at any time). After that period, you get your regular Monthly Recipe Box at $39/month (free shipping in the US and standard rate outside of the US) + a Big Bonus Box worth $44.84 for FREE every six months.

The Purest Oils on Earth
100% Pure Essential Oils

Skip/Cancel Anytime

Safe and Easy Recipes
Created By Aromatherapist

Master Essential Oils In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Get Your Starter Box

Get 100% pure oil & natural ingredients to create safe & easy-to-make recipes you know will work.

Step 2

Learn How to Use
Your Essential Oils

Make your favorite products using essential oils by following the recipes created by our aromatherapists.

Step 3

Transform Your Home

Create a more healthy, happy, and toxin-free home one recipe at a time with new Recipe Boxes every month.


Start making a natural home.

What's in the Starter Box?

  • Over $30 value for only $19.99

Start making your own natural products!

What You Can Create

Make your house a home by creating your own natural products. Each recipe has been tested and loved by our team of aromatherapists.

Yes, I Want to Create Recipes!

Fun, safe, and effective recipes.

What Makes Them Love Us

I was gifted a free Box by a friend. Then I just got my first Recipe Box and the Bonus one too... I LOVE IT!!!

-Denise P.

Based on real 12,429 reviews on

Based on real 12,429 reviews on

A Natural Home Delivered Monthly

After trying the Starter Box, you’ll begin to learn more about essential oils and how you can create natural products you know will work with the regular Recipe Box + a Big Bonus Box that you’ll get in 21 days.

You'll have all the ingredients and supplies you need to create six safe and effective recipes every month.

Membership Benefits

Free Essential Oil Hero Course

Learn how to use essential oils with free access to our Essential Oil Hero Course. $250 value!

Members-Only Sales

Get more bang for your buck with exclusive discounts on Simply Earth products.

Exclusive Community

Share, ask, get tips, and connect with members who love Simply Earth as much as you do!

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Over 4,000
Five-Star Reviews!

Our fans love sharing how they are using Simply Earth to make their homes natural. Join the community using #simplyearth.

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