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3 Ways We've Made Essential Oils Easy

1. Get the Only Box <br> With 4 Oils and 6 Recipes

1. Get the Only Box
With 4 Oils and 6 Recipes

100% pure oils & natural ingredients are included in each Recipe Box to create safe & easy-to-make recipes you know will work.

2. Learn How to Use <br> Your Essential Oils

2. Learn How to Use
Your Essential Oils

Make your favorite products using essential oils by following the recipes created by our aromatherapists.

3. Ditch the Toxins <br> and Use Products You Made

3. Ditch the Toxins
and Use Products You Made

Be healthy and save money by eliminating toxins at home, one fun recipe at a time.

Be Confident in Your
Natural Home

  • Replace toxin-charged products with natural recipes
  • Enjoy natural products you made
Yes, I want a NATURAL home!

Get the Box and start making products!

This Month's Box

Women's Wellness

Natural recipes that make every woman unstoppable even on hard days.

  • Simple recipes you’ll enjoy making
  • Fun essential oil recipes
  • Natural ingredients
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    Recipes you know will work.

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    and 4.9 average rating

    Love love! The box is full of amazing products and great quality oils.. I can't wait until I start making recipes.

    GY Erickson

    SE Recipe Boxes are so inspiring beyond the amazing ones they include each month!!

    D Sanborn

    Learning how to use essential oils safely and effectively in my life. I already feel more confident in using oils and making things with them!

    MM Robinson

    Teaches how to make good things, gives me confidence and knowledge. I use it like a cook book...learn basic technique then add a little bit of this or that till I make my personalized product.

    M Porche

    Education! You don’t just sell a product, you educate on proper safety and use.

    N Gorski

    Not only do you get essential oils, you also get a world of know about how to use them properly.

    TP Benson

    Being able to learn how to use EO's safely and effectively. And I love all the recipes included and it's great to be able to know how to customize them to meet my needs!

    C Hagens

    I absolutely love their subscription boxes. You get so much for the price and everything that you need to make so many different recipes. The recipe cards are easy to follow. Highly recommended!

    K Wing

    Great products at an amazing price, third-party tested oils to ensure top-notch quality, and customer support is THE BEST!!

    J Lamantia

    You're Going To Love This

    "I look forward to this Box every..."

    A. Smith

    "I want you all to get this. This is so cool!"

    T. Noora

    "...teach you how to incorporate..."

    K. Barlow

    "Everything that you need is included..."


    "I love them! I love their oils. I love..."


    "They all have really simple, easy to..."

    M. Mittens

    "All of their essential oils are pure!"


    "It's such a fun way to learn how to..."


    "...and is great for skin care."



    It looks like May’s Box is going to sell out!

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