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Compare Our Blends

Our Proprietary Blends were developed in house to make it easy for you to start your essential oil journey.

Beauty Within Imortelle Art Renewal Serum
Bo Be Gone Purify Purification
Breathe Easy Breathe Breathe Again
Bug Fighter TerraShield  
Bumbs & Boo-boos Owie
Citrus Burst Citrus Bliss Citrus Fresh
Clean & Fresh
Clear Skin HD Clear
Defender On Guard Thieves
Digest Aid Digest Zen Digize
Energy Elevation En-R-Gee
Farewell Scars Imortelle
Fit Slim & Sassy
Focus InTune Brain Power
Happy Joy Cheer Joy
Head Soothing PastTense M-Grain
Ladies Choice Clary Calm Dragon Time
Love Passion Joy
Peace & Quiet Balance Peace & Calming
Relief Deep Blue PanAway
Sleepy Serenity Sleepylze
Tranquility Peace Stress Away

* The names Young Living, Thieves and Valor are owned by Young Living Essential Oils, LLC and have no relation to Simply Earth®.

•• The names doTERRA, On Guard, Deep Blue, Slim and Sassy, AromaTouch and Digest-Zen are owned by Doterra and have no relation to SimpleEarth®.

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