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My eyes always light up when I see "natural product" on a label. The tree, leaves, I'm all in. Then I see the price and my wallet cries a little.

Do natural products really have to be so expensive? We looked into it, and the answer is no. So we're developing and manufacturing our own affordable high quality natural products.

Simply Earth consists of 4 Veldkamps: a family with entrepreneurial gusto and 5 college degrees. We're always finding better ways to do things - not just in products but how we give back as a company. 

When you buy from Simply Earth here's what happens. 

  1. You pay a low price for a fantastic product (no middle man)
  2. You help the Earth, all of our products come simply from Earth.
  3. You become a world changer (say what? it's that easy?). It's that easy. When you buy from Simply Earth you are buying someone's life back. 13% of Simply Earth profits go to ending human trafficking.

Want to know more about Simply Earth? Here are some fun facts.

  1. Dustin (CoFounder) used to make Lee (CoFounder) do his chores and give him massages as part of Lee's "black belt training".
  2. Dustin and Lee were born in a town with a population of 1,100. This place is also home of the most amazing newspaper - The Edgerton Enterprise
  3. Dustin and Jenny were high school sweet hearts now married 10 years with three little girls.
  4. Lee and Katie (wife of Lee) started dating because he was good a physics and she was not.
  5. We are Vikings Fans (if you want to hear something cute, say "Boo Packers" near the little Veldkamp girls). 
  6. If you want to see something else cute, start singing the Ghost Buster's theme song near them.
  7. If you are wondering who is coming up with these fabulous fun facts, it's Katie.
  8. We all love Jesus, which is why we do business the way we do.