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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia Origin: Eastern Europe Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Flower Aroma: Fresh, herbaceous, floral scent with a woody, balsamic undertone. Note: Middle – Top Consistency: Thin Color: Clear Description: The herb belongs to the Lamiaciae family. It’s a bushy shrub with tiny, tubular blossoms with 12-18 inches flowers (that spike upward). Family: Lamiaceae Blends Well With: Geranium,...

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All natural air freshener that is safe for the whole family. No artificial perfumes or chemicals. That means a fresh home that doesn't give you headaches like chemical sprays do. Our product freshens your whole home. Use it in the air, on fabric, or in the bathroom. Home Fresh Guarantee. 100% satisfied or your money back. Over 400 sprays per...

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Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis Origin: Portugal Extraction Method: Cold Expressed Plant Part: Fruit Peel Aroma: Sweet, citrus smell like the orange peels from which it is derived, but more intense and concentrated Note: Middle Consistency: Thin Color: Yellowish orange to golden brown liquid Description: Its tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. Its bark is grayish-brown and it has 3 to...

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Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia Origin: China Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Leaf Aroma: Fresh, slightly medicinal scent with characteristic woody, camphoraceous notes Note: Middle - Top Consistency: Thin Color: Clear pale yellow Description: Tea tree belongs to the myrtaceae family and is native to Australia & New Zealand. It’s a flowering shrub with pinned leaves, yellow or pale purple...

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