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Autumn Spice Bathroom Spray



$ 9.99

Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum Origin: China Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Fruit Aroma: strong sweet spicy, resembling the aroma of black licorice Note: Top Consistency: Thin Color: Clear Description: Anise Star is an evergreen (of Magnolia Family) that grows up to 8 meters tall. The fruits are hard-skinned pods about 3 cm. long arranged like a star which are brown/rusty in...

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$ 8.99

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum Origin: Ceylon Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Leaf Aroma: Sweet, spicy, and warm with woody undertones Note: Middle Consistency: Thin Color: Pale Brown Description: Cinnamon tree grows approximately 20 to 60 ft. high with small yellow flowers, leathery leaves, thick body and reddish brown bark. Family: Lauraceae Blends Well With: Tangerine, Clove, and other citrus and...

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$ 6.99

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis Origin: Portugal Extraction Method: Cold Expressed Plant Part: Fruit Peel Aroma: Sweet, citrus smell like the orange peels from which it is derived, but more intense and concentrated Note: Middle Consistency: Thin Color: Yellowish orange to golden brown liquid Description: Its tree belongs to the Rutaceae family. Its bark is grayish-brown and it has 3 to...

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