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Cause of the Month: Nightlight

What Cause Are You Supporting This Month?

Each month Simply Earth donates 13% of profits to organizations that are working to end human trafficking. Here's the story behind this month's organization: NightLight. 

Annie Dieselberg has a passion for teaching the vulnerable that they are loved, for helping them find freedom, and for establishing their own dignity. She and her husband moved to Bangkok in 1995 to do just that. That adventure lead Annie to found NightLight. An organization that combats human trafficking in both Thailand and the United States.

NightLight is a community and business that brings dignity to women by giving them meaningful jobs where they create jewelry, ornaments, and clothing. In their work they are surrounded by other women of similar backgrounds where natural friendships and constructive relationships are made.

Annie describes their business as not just a cover for missions, but as a business that can transform the community. We love that! Because our goal at Simply Earth is to create a transformative community with our employees, customers, and victims of human trafficking. 

Shop Simply Earth to support NightLight’s work this month + learn more about how NightLight loves and serves by checking out their website and the video below.

  • Katie Veldkamp
  • "The most amazing woman ever" says Co-founder of Simply Earth (her husband). Katie loves to write, think deep, but more so have fun and love others in fun ways. You can read her own personal blog at
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