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How to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

I was raised in a very adventurous family. I love to camp and hike, and fully intended to bring these loves into my future marriage. I had been dating Lee a year when these ideals were strongly called into question. I took him on a hike near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park when suddenly our path became mosquito gauntlet. I just kept walking, taking the situation in stride. Lee on the other hand (the guy I was planning on marrying someday) was freaking out and not handling the situation at all. It became very clear we had to turn back, otherwise Lee was going to go into full panic mode.

We made it out of the woods physically and relational-ly. But were left with  a very valuable lesson: Lee is fully capable of adventuring as long as there is bug spray.

To save our relationship and hold up to our commitment of loving the Earth, We've set DEET and other harsh chemicals aside and made our own Natural Mosquito Repellent. By using our spray and following these tips, mosquitoes won't even know you are there  and you can walk like a man (for which Lee is thankful).

Tip 1

Don't want mosquitoes? Get rid of standing water! Standing water is where mosquitoes breed. Get rid of the standing water and you get rid of the mosquitoes.

Tip 2

Put out a fan at your party to keep the mosquitoes away. Yes, simply a fan. The moving air is too powerful for weak mosquitoes.

Tip 3

Use natural citronella candles to make those mosquitoes run. Citronella essential oil is one of the most effective mosquito repellents in the world. That is why we use it in our Natural Mosquito Repellent.

Tip 4

Plant some mosquito repellent plants! Yes, there are plants that are natural mosquito repellent. Some plants include feverfew, citronella, catnip and lavender. Plant these in containers placed around your backyard entertainment.

Tip 5

Get our Natural Mosquito Repellent. We use nature's power to keep the mosquitoes away. Check it out here!

Tip 6

Bats eat 1,000 mosquitoes a night! So build some bat houses to keep bats around your house. They will keep the mosquitoes to a minimum.

Tip 7

Throw some Rosemary on the Barbecue to keep mosquitoes away while grilling! Just throw a few stalks of rosemary on the hot coals to give off a mosquito repelling aroma while adding scrumptious flavor to that barbecue.


We at Simply Earth are so confident that you will be pleased with our all natural mosquito repellent that if you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back. Click here to check out our product.

Lee Veldkamp
Lee Veldkamp

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