Get the stink our of your sports

 My brother played hockey and I can honestly say, you have not smelled stink until you have been inside a 15-year-old guy's hockey bag. That's what happened to me. Being 8 years younger, my brother thought my small size a wonderful addition to his hockey bag. It was also an ideal place to put me when I annoyed him. If it wasn't for the smell, I would have thought being carried around in a hockey bag was a blast (I still half thought it was).

My brother wasn't the only one in our family to create marvelous sports stink. I was a soccer player. This meant a lot of driving to and from practices and games with my parents. My parents were very easy going, but they were adamant about one thing on these car rides - I was not to remove my socks and shin guards until I took a shower. It was amazing how well my gear would stink up the car.

To save yourself from experiencing the rotting death odor of hockey equipment, soccer gear, and all other sports equipment we developed our Natural Sport Odor Eliminator. By using our safe all natural spray and following these tips, people will think your sports, hiking, or workout gear just came out of the washer (even if it didn't).

Tips to Get that Smell Out

Tip 1

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your sports gear! It will break down the fibers and weaken the material and you will be exposed to it!

Tip 2

Pre-treat workout clothes before washing them. Many workout clothes are made of materials that are designed to wick moisture away from the body. This property though makes them difficult to wash. In order to combat this, soak them before washing with one ounce of our Sport Odor Eliminator and one gallon of water. Allow them to dry, and then wash them as normal. Then enjoy fresh workout clothes!

Tip 3

Prevention is key to stopping sports gear and clothes odor. Let it dry out ASAP! Letting your gym bag or sports gear dry out keeps the moisture away that is needed for smelling molds or bacteria to grow.

Tip 4

Put a layer between you and the tuff to wash sports gear to keep the odor away. If you play hockey or football, wear something between your pads that you can wash so that the sweat doesn't go directly to the gear.

Tip 5

Get our Natural Sports Odor Eliminator. It just works amazingly well. It destroys the odors right away and even a day later, the smell will be way less that it would have been. Check it out here!


We at Simply Earth are so confident that you will be pleased with our natural sports odor eliminator that we offer a stink free guarantee: 100% satisfied or our money back. Click here to check out our product.


Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp