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Natural Air Freshener

Smells create a strong emotional response and impact people's moods and decisions. Here are some examples.





In a study, bad odors led people to believe paintings were "less professional" than those of the same caliber surrounded by a pleasant scent.





  • Pleasant aromas impact how we perceive others' attractiveness, better smelling people are judged as better looking.
  • Pleasant aromas greatly improve moods, in a casino a study was done where one area of the slot machines was given a good smell. The use of those slot machines went up 45%.
  • One study used a shampoo test to test fragrance. In the test only the fragrance was changed, but people rated the shampoo rinsing better, foaming better, and created glossier hair.

The Impact of Smells in Your Home

Did you know how big of an impact smell can have on you? I didn't. Think about the smell of your home, what are people's general moods inside your home? Improving the scent of your home can greatly improve people's moods and perceptions connected to your home.

We want people to feel invited into your home and look forward to your door opening for them to be hit with the smell of welcome. That's why we created our Natural Home Air Freshener. Our product will make your home smell fresh and welcoming. It's also all natural, so you don't have to worry about your kids and guests breathing in harsh chemicals. We love people and the Earth, that's why we're working to bring both into your home in a healthy and sustainable way. Try our natural air freshener today!

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