The A21 Campaign 

The A21 Campaign is a global anti human trafficking organization dedicated to eradicating modern ­day slavery. With 12 offices in ten countries around the world, A21 works tirelessly to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of human trafficking victims. Human life is invaluable, and A21 will not stop until the 27 million men, women, and children trapped in slavery are set free.

A21’s strategy to abolish the US$150 billion criminal industry is multi­dimensional:


Globally, A21’s goal is to stop human trafficking from ever happening in the first place by providing awareness and education to the next generation (check out some of their learning programshere).



As an organization, A21 aims to provide an environment for survivors to be safe from harm or injury. In the aftercare facilities, the girls not only receive medical care and professional counseling, but they are also given the opportunity to study a skill of their choice.



A21 works to prosecute traffickers, provide survivors with legal council, and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking.


​A21 partners with local law enforcement, service providers, and community members to meet a comprehensive set of needs for those rescued from bondage. A21 couldn’t fight human trafficking without the help of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Check out this video telling Christine’s story. It will challenge you on what human trafficking can look like for the victims.  

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Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp

3 Part Video Series

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