10 Simple Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil that Really Work!

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10 Simple Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil that Really Work!

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Note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor. 

People today highly valuetea tree essential oil when the issue of fungal infection comes along. That’s why they always have it handy. Here is the scoop! It is one of the bestall-natural treatments for ringworm on the foot, scalp and other parts of the body, candidiasis, and other bacteria, viruses and fungi related causes.

Many users of tea tree essential oil consider it as a miracle worker, and make it their priority remedy to these life-irritating and uncomfortable diseases for all the right reasons. It provides quick relief, is safe to use - no harmful side effects and is cheaper than over-the-counter anti-fungal preparations in the form of creams, sprays, solutions, shampoos and tablets.

You Don’t Want to Miss the Interesting History

The history of tea tree plant is connected to the indigenousBundjalung (Aborigines of Australia). They used the tea tree plant’s aroma to drive away bad spirits and as medicine to heal many kinds of skin and respiratory diseases, and battle wounds. They used crushed leaves of tea tree as bandage and tied it with the thin bark. Results were excellent; wounds healed, free from infections. These folks found it as an excellent antiseptic (similar to eucalyptus leaves).

Soaking minced leaves overnight provided them an effective gargle/mouthwash to ease sore throat; inhaling aroma from minced leaves also provided relief from colds/coughs.

The plant was named ‘Tea Tree’ as its leaves were originally prepared as tea. click to tweet

The effective use of tea tree leaves and extract paved the way to production of the plant’s essential oil that is popularly used today. In recent times, it is often used in commercial soaps, mouthwash and toothpaste for its anti-fungal properties.

Plant Description

Tea tree is a shrub that belongs to Myrtaceae family under botanical name ‘Melaleuca alternifolia’. This plant is quite hard and tall as a shrub; it can reach a height of about 7 meters. The thin pointed leaves are generally green with a penetrating fresh aroma when crushed. The fluffy lowers are mostly white; sometimes a combination of white and light pink. Fruits have tiny seeds that fall or dispersed by the wind. The leaves are steam distilled for its aromaticall- natural essential oil.

It grows abundantly and is native to Australia and New Zealand. It can survive on different kinds of soil, but grows best in damp soil under a lot of sunlight.

Tea tree is sturdy enough to resist flooding and can tolerate long drought but not snow/frosting. Subtropical and tropical climates are favorable for tea trees where they are cultivated for production of essential oil. It is done by massive seed planting then cutting the upper part of the shrub when ready to harvest.


Tea tree essential oil unleashes fresh herbaceous, slightly medicinal and woody aroma. It blends well with peppermint essential oil and other mints. It also blends well with lemon, other citrus, clove and spice oils. This oil is thin and clear, pale yellow in color.

10 Simple Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil that Really Work!

1. Diffuse to kill microbes in the air.

It promotes bronchial health by killing microbes in the air we breathe. It also wards off molds and mildew that can cause respiratory problems. Diffusing brings millions of minute particles into the air dispersing the powerful constituents of the essential oil. This process helps clean the air, moisturize the skin and the aroma provides a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Use it on stubborn pimples/acne.

Tea tree plant has provided a miracle cure and it works!  Just dab a bit of this oil (diluted if you have sensitive skin) on the acne or pimples using cotton bud before bedtime. The redness and inflammation should disappear in the morning. Tea tree essential oil also kills bacteria, fungi and viruses that may infect pimples.

3. DIY effective cleaner and deodorizer.

Tea tree essential oil can be used in a liquid cleaner/deodorizer because it can kill microscopic bacteria around the house. Tea tree andlemon essential oils mixed with vinegar and water makes a powerful cleaner for the sink, tiles, appliances, kitchen counter and almost every part of the house (it will also leave your house with an amazing smell).

4. Arrest bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin.

This oil kills bacteria when applied to the skin. Early symptoms of impetigo, folliculitis, ecthyma can be reduced and eventually controlled by tea tree essential oil. It feels easy on skin without side effects and you can achieve faster healing.

5. It is Great for scalp care and dandruff control.

Use diluted tea tree oil if you have dandruff or dry scalp. It can also help prevent hair loss. The oil nourishes the scalp by increasing blood flow, making hair follicles healthy and moisturized. It helps control itchy and embarrassing dandruff. Applying the diluted oil on the scalp once or twice a week would be enough. (Or only when you think necessary).

6. As expectorant/chest rub to relieve coughs and colds.

Suffering from colds and cough? Get relief from tea tree oil by using it in a diffuser or by rubbing it on the chest to loosen mucus and expel phlegm. Have a special dreamy sleep by putting a drop on your pillow to wake up feeling relieved the next morning. You can also feel better during an allergic rhinitis episode by inhaling this essential oil.

7. Use it to stop fungal infections.

Tea tree essential oil has been identified in a study made in The University of Western Australia to be fighting various kinds of fungi.  “All tea tree oil components, exceptβ-myrcene, had antifungal activity.”. Common fungi diseases of the skin are jock itch, ringworm, athlete’s foot and yeast infection.

8. Relieve inflammation and fight infection.

Tea tree essential oil alone (or mix with lavender essential oil) works well for wounds.

You need to first clean the wound/cut with light soap and warm water (or hydrogen peroxide). Dab Simply Earth’s 100% pure tea tree oil and cover it with gauze. The next time you dress the wound, it will appear better and without inflammation because the oil fights infection.

9. Stimulate the immune system for better health.

You can get the most out of it as stimulant in aromatherapy (we do not advice anyone to ingest tea tree oil or other essential oils). Ingestion must only upon the advice of a certified aromatherapist; you may consult professionals at: https://www.functionalmedicine.org/.

Tea tree improves circulation and boosts the immune system therefore providing a strong shield against various infectious diseases. Discharge of toxins, gastric juices and enzymes is carried out effectively. A good stimulant can also help boost the brain functions.

10. Repel and kill insects using tea tree.

Many essential oils from us are effective as insect repellent and killer, but tea tree oil is one of the best. click to tweet

Apply the diluted form on your skin and you are free to go out to play, picnic, hike or trek. It shields the skin from mosquitoes, flies, fleas and other insects. Use it also to prevent these unwanted guests in your homes. This oil is also extremely deadly for bacteria, molds and mildew around the house.

More Info - Tea tree oil tucked in WWII medical kits…

Records (World War II Medical Kit Dock Museum Teaching Collection) reveal that WWII soldiers’ medical kits included tea tree oil to be used as a powerful antiseptic. Tea tree leaves extract also worked well as burn relief. It became the choice remedy in the 1920s after it was found useful. Since then many certified clinic practitioners approved of its effectiveness.

Bottom Line

The world has advanced much in terms of medicine. Drug companies manufacture antibiotics, powerful painkillers, antifungals and antiseptic of all sorts. However, the importance of plants’ oils liketea tree essential oil can never be discounted as it can do the same work as those drugs without so many adverse effects and at a lot lower price. It is easy to buyhere; no need for any prescription, it’sall natural, eco-friendly and 100% pure!

Safety First!

DO NOT INGEST or take tea tree essential oil internally. If swallowed it can cause “serious poisoning in less than 30 minutes.Don’t wait for reactions to appear if anyone accidentally swallowed it! Call your emergency hotline which is ready to respond quickly. Though water from soaked minced leaves was used as mouthwash by ancient people, today it is advised that this essential oil be kept totally away from the mouth!


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