myrrh essential oil uses and benefits

Myrrh Essential Oil – Uses & Benefits

Many holy historic events are attached tomyrrh essential oil. The exodus of Moses, a gift of the magi and the crucifixion are only a few. Myrrh is believed to have been mixed with wine and given to people awaiting execution to reduce pain. It’s possible it was given to Jesus mixed with the wine mentioned in Matthew 27:34 Some translations verses say ‘gall’ some say ‘myrrh’.

Today, we use myrrh for its health benefits:; in aromatherapy, diffuser, as liniment or salves, and as a topical remedy for different kinds of pain and health concerns. Myrrh can be found in many parts of the world; Somalia myrrh trees are the source of Simply Earth’sall-natural essential oil. Read this post for myrrh’s most beneficial uses and properties.


Myrrh essential oil has a very ancient and striking history. It’s found in several places in the Bible including Exodus 30:22 where God commands Moses to “Take also for yourself the finest of spices: of flowing myrrh five hundred shekels, and of fragrant cinnamon half as much, two hundred and fifty, and of fragrant cane two hundred and fifty….”to create a sacred anointing oil (c. 1300 B.C.). Myrrh was also one of the gifts presented to the child Jesus by one of the wise men and was probably added to the wine given to Him when crucified at the cross.

This oil has been used in perfumery throughout the ages and is still used today. Ancient Egyptians used the oil of myrrh along with other oils in embalming, mummification, and as an incense component. They also used it to heal wounds, treat hay fever and in holy anointing during religious rites. Ancient Chinese traditionally used this oil to treat wounds, bruises, fever and fungal diseases. They would also burn the oil to repel mosquitos, fleas and other insects.


myrrh essential oil uses

Plant Description

The myrrh plant is a tree-like shrub from the Burseraceae family - native to Somalia, Yemen, Eastern Ethiopia, the Arabian Peninsula and the eastern Mediterranean. It is called by names such guggal resin, gum and guggal gum. Myrrh is a desert tree characterized by thick trunks, intertwined branches,  pointed twigs with sharp thorns, green leaves and usually gray-colored thick barks. The fruits are small, brown and oval; flowers sometimes have a combination of light colors but are dominantly white.

The myrrh essential oil comes from the tree’s  sap. The sap is collected by wounding or making deep cuts on the tree trunk. When it dries it hardens forming into a gum-like resin. The resin is known for its strong, unpleasant and bitter taste contrary to its sweet balsamic aroma. The hardened resin goes through steam distillation to get the pure-gradeall-naturalessential oil. Myrrh trees can withstand harsh climate conditions especially desert heat, but it can survive even at times when leaves are only a few.


The produced oil from the resin of myrrh smells pleasantly rich, warm and balsamic. The resin is dark brown, while the pure oil derived is pale yellow in color. The oil is a little thick but you can still use the dropper included in every oil-purchase from Simply Earth. The rich aroma makes it a great base for fragrances and perfumes. Myrrh essential oil blends well with Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Tea Tree and Thyme.

myrrh essential oil uses myrrh essential oil uses

List of Uses

  1. Repellent - Myrrh can be burned as incense to repel mosquitos and other insects to protect your family. Some say myrrh can also keep ants at bay. Have you ever tried it? For sure, peppermint can! But that will be discussed later in another blog exclusively for peppermint essential oil.
  2. Painkiller - apply it directly to an aching tooth, relieve headaches, fever, and pain accompanying menstrual periods.
  3. Control Swelling - When applied to wounds or external injuries, it can control swelling by preventing the buildup of fluids in the affected tissues.
  4. Cold & Cough Relief - The diluted form can be used as a chest rub to get relief from colds & coughs and bronchitis.
  5. Pets - It can be used on animals’ skin and coat and at the same time a natural remedy to repel those itchy-creeper-blood-sucker ticks and fleas from them.
  6. Athlete’s foot? No worries if you have myrrh essential oil available. Use it to get relief from itching, pain or burning sensation and to reduce flaking.

Benefits– It’s anti-parasitic, antifungal, and expectorant; everybody loves myrrh perfumes…

  • Here at Simple Earth, we present you myrrh essential oil - a pure, all- naturaland eco-friendly product not only for the health benefits it brings but also to help victims of human trafficking. The core ofOur Mission is to donate 13% of sales to acause’ on a monthly basis.
  • People fond of perfumes find themselves buying ‘Myrrhe Prada (for men & women), Mesmerize Avon (for men), Myrrhe Imperiale Giorgio Armani (for men & women). Perfumery and fragrances are a very important part of living that benefit from myrrh.
  • Havemyrrh essential oil ready when early symptoms of cold sores show up because it works as an antifungal. There may be pain around the mouth and lips, sore throat, swollen nodes at the neck and fever. This oil is all you need to alleviate these symptoms.
  • This is a powerful expectorant. It works well in fighting respiratory problems such as colds and coughs, and sore throat to expel mucus and ease congestion in the respiratory system.
  • There is an oral drug in Egypt – theMirazid which is effective in parasitic infections (fascioliasis & schistosomiasis). “Mirazid is a patented special preparation from the oleo-resin of a plant that had been used in folk medicine since the era of ancient Egyptians - myrrh”.
  • As an ingredient in liniments and salves, myrrh oil provides fast relief from pain that comes from bruises, bumps, sprains, abrasions and other conditions such as flaky, scaly or chapped skin. This oil works great when added to skin care products like lotion or cream to maintain healthy skin and to retard aging.

Who Wants to Know More About Myrrh?  

So far, myrrh essential oil has a unique source even though the process of extraction is common. The sap transforms into a gum and then into a world-size of usefulness to mankind throughout history. I’m Chelzee, your blog writer here and I’m so amazed at myrrh because I read the Bible regularly. The Bible mentions this oil more than 150 times. Perhaps it was among the first trees in God’s creation. How can I be sure of that? I want to know more!


You can really have protection withmyrrh essential oil. It can help prevent infestations of microorganisms. You cannot see these harmful things with the naked eye but myrrh essential oil can do the trick for you. It acts as an effective and fast pain reliever, parasite remedy, and perfume at its best aroma with myrrh.  Let us know if you have inquiries about essential oils – just drop by our  Contact Page.

Useful Reminders:

  • Pregnant and nursing women and people under medications are advised to consult a professional on essential oil applications before using any essential oil.
  • Although myrrh is generally safe, it can cause adverse side effects to people with heart problems or diabetes. It may cause diarrhea, fever, or low blood pressure.
  • It is best to use diluted forms. Please follow dilution guides before using essential oils on the skin. You can first do a skin test before any topical application.

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