Make Your Own Bug Bite Relief

Posted on June 11, 2018

Make Your Own Bug Bite Relief 

Bug Bite Relief 1

In my honest opinion, bug bites are probably the worst inconvenience of all time. They are so annoying but too small of an issue to make a fuss about! This is such a big problem for me though because, for some reason, mosquitoes love to feast on my legs whenever possible! 

These annoying bites always result in horrible scratches and small cuts which are no fun at all. Pigmentation from the scars is a pest in itself to deal with. The factory produced products for bite relief are not the answer either because of the unknown ingredients that they’ve added. I constantly strive to go the natural way with anything that I put on my skin and body, which is why this lotion stick that can relieve bug bites AND moisturize my skin at the same time is a godsend. Also: vegans rejoice!! This recipe is actually vegan-friendly. Hooray!


Place the beeswax in a heat-proof glass container. 

Bug Bite Relief 2

Add the coconut oil. 

Bug Bite Relief 3

Followed by the almond oil. 

Bug Bite Relief 4
Place the pot with 1-2 inches water on medium heat. Place glass measuring cup into the water and allow contents to melt together.

Bug Bite Relief 5
Once melted remove from heat and add 40 drops of the Bug Fighter Essential Oil Blend. 

Bug Bite Relief 6
Pour into tubes and allow to cool.

Bug Bite Relief 7
Rub on a bug bite to soothe itchiness.

bug bite relief 9

Who knew soothing itchy spots can be so easy and natural! I always make it a point to have one in my bag and in each of my family members’ pockets. You can easily do this recipe at home and even make this a family project. I wouldn’t mind receiving this as a gift either--it’s so personal and handy. Wouldn’t you love getting this as an appreciation gift?