Jasmine Essential Oil: Uses & Benefits

Posted on February 08, 2019

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Spring is coming in a few weeks and I’m so excited! It’s my favorite season because of the flowers and the lovely weather of course. Since I can’t wait for it to begin, I get my favorite floral essential oils. These days, I turn to my Jasmine Essential Oil.

It comes from a plant in India and the oil is extracted by solvent extraction. The flowers are hand-picked before dawn to take advantage of their intense aroma during that time. Over a ton of flowers are needed to make at least four pounds of the pure oil. Yes, it’s labor intensive!

Jasmine was used in perfumeries in France and was used medically in India, China and Arabia. Today, it is served as tea in China and used as garlands as gifts to guests in India.

Uses and Benefits

Effective Pain Reliever

Jasmine Essential Oil may have a delicate scent but it does a great job soothing sore muscles. Simply add a few drops to a carrier oil of your choice and apply to the skin. Massage slowly and gently to relieve tired muscles.

Fights and eliminates bacteria

One of the reasons the Jasmine produces its essential oil is to help fight infection and disease. We can use this antiviral property to help treat and clean wounds. When inhaled, it is said to reduce infections in the respiratory system and relieve cough or colds.

Uplifts the mood

Jasmine’s happy floral scent can aid in fighting depression. Its aromatic effect stimulates the release of certain hormones like serotonin. This boosts energy and uplifts the mood to help a person feel happy. It can even wake up feelings of romance.

Soothes spasms

Jasmine Essential Oil gives quick relief to different kinds of spasms - cough, cramps, and congestion. Jasmine essential oil helps relax those muscles for speedy spasm relief. This makes Jasmine a great option for easing PMS pain. Create a roll on with Jasmine for on-the-go treatment.   

Helps skin cell regeneration

If you have dry, flakey skin, Jasmine Essential Oil is your best bet. It helps to regenerate the skin cells and heal cracked skin. It is frequently used to treat dermatitis and eczema. It’s also been shown to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

What makes me most excited about Jasmine Essential Oil is that Baby Veldkamp #2’s arrival is just two weeks away! This oil is going to be my go-to help in preventing postpartum depression and helping my skin recover. This oil is so versatile, it’s a must-have in your essential oil collection.

Get your Jasmine Essential Oil today and enjoy the wonderful benefits till the last drop!