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Simply Earth Restore International


I love Restore International!

I love, love, love, Restore International. I am absolutely delighted to announce that they are our January cause of the month . Why am I so delighted? They creatively and holistically look for ways to love people. They do incredible things in order to meet people's needs. For example, Bob Goff (the founder) decided to go to Uganda because he heard some bad things were happening there. They visited a prison filled with young men awaiting trials, trials that were never happening.

SO Bob Goff did something about it. He made the trials happen - AND he didn't stop there. He helped parents forgive their children and then he started a school for them - restoring relationships and giving a future. Who does that? People who are trying to love others like Jesus loves others. Restore International is doing that.

Since then, Restore International has grown to several schools, safe houses, and orphanages in several countries. We decided that we would narrow our cause of the month focus to their Somalia Safe House (and give to their other programs in future months - spread the love :)) 

Right now, Restore International is in the process of raising money to build a safe house in Somalia. Somalia is a war-torn country with thousands of refugees. This means that women and children are living in make-shift shelters or tents and travel long distances for food and water. Because of the lack of protection, women and children are often victims of gender based violence.

Restore International wants to offer these women and children a place of security, counseling, education, so that these women can run their own small businesses and know love. 

We're a socially responsible business and we can't wait to see the changes our month's proceeds can bring for these women in Somalia. So, shop Simply Earth's eco-friendly products to help these women receive love and get their lives back. 





  • Katie Veldkamp
  • "The most amazing woman ever" says Co-founder of Simply Earth (her husband). Katie loves to write, think deep, but more so have fun and love others in fun ways. You can read her own personal blog at
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