How To Store Your Essential Oils

Posted on June 08, 2018

how to store your essential oils

How to Store & Organize Your Essential Oils 

I think options can be a poor thing. If you go on Pinterest an look for essential oil storage options, you will see 100s of different solutions. Then you have to choose. With so many options, it becomes impossible to choose. You get choice crazy and don't make any choice for fear you are making the wrong choice. So below, we are going to lay out a solution brought to you by Simply Earth.

What you should know first

In order to maintain your oils therapeutic properties, you need to know these things first

  • Keep your oils in room temperature: oils break down much faster at higher temperatures and will then expire and lose their therapeutic properties. 
  • Keep your oils away from the sun: not only because of the heat, but the sun can also break down the oils.
  • Keep your oils away from anything flammable: These are oils and they are somewhat flammable, so be careful.
  • Keep your oils away for children: Oils are highly concentrated and therefore dangerous. You do not want your children getting into these cute little bottles.


Our Favorite Storage Solution

We might be bias, but we love our wooden boxes! They are so beautiful

Essential Oil Wooden Box

  • PROTECTION: It protects your oils from sunlight and makes it easy to to keep them organized!
  • CUSTOM MADE to hold 36 (5-15ml) essential oil bottles.
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP with a sturdy construction and latch.
  • BEAUTY BOX makes a great addition to essential oil presentations
  • GREAT GIFT for your friends and family who love essential oils

It's Versatile!

Essential Oil Wooden Storage Box

This boxes versatility is something I love about it. You can take out a piece and then hold roll on bottles or other different sized items in it. Ad you can see in the picture above, this makes this beautiful wooden box more versatility than your standard storage solution.

What Customers Are Saying

5 stars! I love this box. It is sturdy, well made and, treated properly, should last a long time. ver all I find this to be an excellent product, and the fact that every purchase leads to a 13% donation to end human trafficking, just adds to the plus side of purchasing this product. Highest recommendation. -Paige Ellen