Homemade Body Butter With Essential Oils

Posted on June 14, 2018

Whipped Body Lotion

How many of you have spent a little too much time in the sun this summer? This month we're looking at ways to make vacations more natural. Having fun in the sun is a natural part of every vacation. But sometimes it's not so fun for our skin. This whipped body butter is great for helping the skin recover from a little too much vitamin D ;)

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This recipe features Simply Earth's Sleepy Essential Oil Blend and Spearmint Essential Oil adding the bonus benefits of soothing the mind and relaxing the body while nourishing your skin.

Essential Oil Whipped Body Butter Recipe

In a bowl, break large coconut oil chunks into smaller pieces. Use a hand mixer to whip them together. Do so until it doubles in volume.

Essential Oil Whipped Body Butter

Blend a teaspoon of Almond Oil in.

Essential Oil Whipped Body Butter

Add 5 drops of Spearmint Essential Oil. This oil is uplifting and eases tension. 

Essential Oil Whipped Body Butter

Then, Add 5 drops of Sleepy Essential Oil Blend in the mixture. This blend is made to help you sleep better. It's a house blend! 

whipped body lotion

I apply this right before going to bed to really lock the moisture in overnight. This also helps me avoid sticky situations during the humid day. Plus, the SLEEPY blend makes it perfect for relaxing right before sleeping. The more relaxed I am before I hit the hay, the better I sleep! Try it out for yourself and let me know.

Essential Oil Whipped Body Butter