Give Sports Stink The Boot

by Katie Veldkamp










Give Your Sport's Stink the Boot

Through high school and college I played goalie. However, along with this skill came a terrible stink. People could smell my goalie gloves for yards if the wind was right. My gloves were shunned from open air, only making the problem worse. I would try to clean them periodically (the only strategy I knew what to walk on them in a tub of dish soap), but this strategy only temporarily abated the smell. It also created a sickening smell of rotting death and dish soap.

My gloves along with shin guards, socks, head gear, and the works created a scent of cloud around me akin to Pig Pen from the Peanuts Gang. To clean my gear after every practice and game was impractical. So we lived life this way and every stinky ride home was justified by love and hopes of scholarships.


We at Simply Earth decided to save soccer moms everywhere (and every other sports mom), gym enthusiasts, and all athletes alike from their stink with our all Natural Sports Spray. Use our spray on your gear to save you from an extra wash, stinky ride home, and gear that you just can't get the stink out of.

Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp